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What to expect at About Play Therapy

 The steps of therapy

1. Once a referral is received Nicky will contact the child’s parents/carer to organise an initial meeting.

2. An initial meeting is conducted with the child’s parents/carer to discuss concerns and gather relevant information. A consent form is signed to allow Nicky to contact any involved key professionals. Nicky will detail the fees and structure of therapy and answer any questions.


3. In the subsequent meeting an assessment is conducted with the child to work out the nature of therapy needed, and the length of intervention. If the child needs further specialist intervention Nicky will refer to the appropriate professional.

4.  Play therapy is tailored to each individual child and family. Nicky will work with parents/carers to develop a therapeutic plan with goals to achieve the best outcome.

5. The length of the therapy sessions is 45 minutes and takes place weekly.

6. The length of intervention can be short-term: 6-8 sessions, medium-term: 10 – 16 sessions, or long-term: 24 sessions. The length of the intervention is determined in collaboration with the parents/carers and child and depends on the complexity of the reason for referral. 


7. Nicky will work with each child and/or family in a playroom that has a wide range of carefully selected toys. This will support the message that Nicky is seeking to understand the whole child in the context of their world.(7)


The child selects the toys and creative materials to play with and sets the pace. Nicky will provide an environment of understanding, acceptance, and safety allowing children the ability to master themselves and solve their own problems.


Nicky’s role is to develop a close and trusting relationship with each child and to reflect and respond to their thoughts, feelings, and activities in such a way as to facilitate the resolution of children’s emotional difficulties. At times, it may be necessary to set limits around behavior if deemed unsafe. These boundaries will be respectfully, empathically, and consistently communicated which will encourage each child to take responsibility for their choice of action.

8. Throughout therapy, Nicky will contact parents/carers, regularly through email, and phone conversations. Parent/Carer meetings will be scheduled 4-6 weekly to discuss progress and discharge plan.

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