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Learn To Play

Therapeutic play encourages;

  • Improved cognitive skill including pre-literacy skills such as narrative competence, organisation of thinking, and representing thoughts in writing.

  • Self-regulation development and an increase in their 'window of tolerance', allowing the child to develop focused attention on an activity.

  • The process of learning is challenged and strengthened.

  • The enhancement of receptive and expressive language development through symbols in play and narrative.

  • Development of social competence and social skills allowing the development of peer friendships and connections. 

girls indoor tent

Facilitating play skill development in children is of paramount importance so that children can engage in their school, home, community, and with friends.

“When a child learns how to play, that child can become a ‘player’, which can lead to that child belonging to a peer group. This is a great gift to give a child.” (12p185)

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