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Filial Therapy

At About Play Therapy, Rise VanFleet’s modified Filial Therapy (FT) approach is used with individual families. This allows 1:1 intervention to help parents learn more realistic and developmentally appropriate ways to view their children and parent them. 


It’s through learning, developing, and practicing play therapy skills that the parent creates a more constructive, emotionally engaged, stable, and unified family life.  The parent-child relationship is the central agent of change in FT.  Through the development of this relationship and the use of non-directive play, the parent’s attunement, understanding, and connection to the child are enhanced. 

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When both individual and collective family needs are met, individuals and families can get back on track developmentally.  Families can take away the key FT skills and implement them into everyday life.graphClick here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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